My name is Mary and I love to play with paper and all the goodies. I think I have an addiction!! I just enjoy it so much.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Kick Start class organization!

Hi Everyone!
In the kick start class they are giving us ideas on how to organize our space. I have taken some of the ideas this weekend and cleaned up my craft room. I love how neat my area is now and how organized it looks. One idea that I loved was putting my punches in an over the door shoe holder so I got mine at Walmart and it worked out wonderful. I was able to move them from the shelf over my desk and it gave me more room!! Love that. So here are some pictures.
My desk .......... it won't stay this clean for long!

I moved my cricut out of my closet!

This is my closet it has no door and my hubby made the shelves so I have room for all my goodies.

Ahhh here are my punches. I like it that it has opened up new space on the shelf over my desk! Awesome....

This is the shelf over my desk see how nice and clean it is now!!! Love that. 

Thanks for stopping by today. Now I need to make some cards :)


  1. Lovely space. It is great to have a place to create. Love the shelves you hubby made for you. I see you took the class with Jennifer with the fun canvas too! I love how yours turned out.

  2. Love the space that you have and created so near your working space. Mayby there is the place for the new things and the most used things? Wouldn't have any trouble start crafting in a room like yours; it's so practical! Greetings, Gerrina