My name is Mary and I love to play with paper and all the goodies. I think I have an addiction!! I just enjoy it so much.

Monday, March 7, 2011


Next week we will be turning those clocks ahead and it stays light out longer .......... love that!
My sister came for a visit this past weekend it was fun!! I love spending time with her! My Mom turned 76 on Friday!!! She said she is all done with Birthdays!! Me too!
It has been too long since I put something on my blog. I had some time today before I do my walking (Leslie Sansone) Love Her!! Anyway it's winter in Maine and I have been working on cards but I never think to post them. So here are some of my newest creations that I will be sending out to the troops through OWH. I really do need to send them out. I have a box of them now! I did make some Easter cards yesterday and want to work on a few more. I will probably post those on the weekend.

Have a Fantastic day everyone!!                       
Mary :)